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Guide to panoramics

Panoramic prints - How to create stunning wall-sized art?

Understanding panoramic printing

Panoramic printing is a great way to create beautiful and striking wall-sized art pieces. With this guide, you’ll learn all the steps of the process from cropping your images to selecting paper sizes and more, so you can make the perfect panoramic prints for your space. The style of your panorama is determined by aspect ratio. This creates a wide, sweeping. The wider and thiner your image, the greater the ratio. Our styles start from a simple rectangle (2:1 ratio), a wider super ratio (3:1), an ultra wide (4:1) and finally a grand sweeping style of (4.5:1). Rather than getting involved in the complexities of ratio, simply upload your photo and select each of the different print styles. You will soon see which style suits your picture best.

Selecting size and paper type

It’s important to select the appropriate size and paper type when printing a picture. Panoramic sizes should be decided by the space you are planning to hang the image as well as the quality of your original photo. If you are unsure of the resolution of your image, please feel free to contact us attaching the photo and we will take a look before you order. The image can be printed on canvas, photo poster or framed print for wall art display. Generally for posters, glossy finish papers support brighter colours while matte finish papers help reduce sheen and present an impressive visual impact or alternatively choose semi-gloss for a lustre style finish. Framing your photos works best with either semi-gloss or matte papers.

How to print panoramics?

Why choose Best Photo Posters?

The benefits of Investing in professional panoramic printing. Elevate your decor with stunning panoramic prints. Get professional quality results with the power of panoramic printing services from a trusted company. Showcase your memories in stunning style with professional panoramic printing services. Produce stunning prints for a wall, desk, or mantle utilising the power of cutting-edge technology and high quality paper. Keep the moments alive with a beautiful photo that looks great anywhere.

High quality prints

We produce top quality prints that last and will truly make your space come alive. Our professional panoramic printing services produce prints of up to 10 feet (3 meters) wide, offering stunning results that you can enjoy for years. When printed on high quality paper stock, the images are significantly brighter and clearer than at-home projects, reproducing vibrant colours and intricate details with exacting accuracy. With Best Photo Posters by your side, you can trust that your memories will be preserved in stunning visuals.

Is it easy to get my panoramic photos printed?

Customisable options

Our professional printing services offer a range of options, including size and style preferences, that you can customise to suit your exact display needs. Different materials, such as canvas, wooden frames and photo posters are available to help showcase the right piece for any space and the printer can even assist with special requests like mounting and framing for unique décor. You can even ask us to print in a rare aspect ratio so that your most cherished memories aren’t confined too small of a space on the wall.

Fast delivery

Quick turnaround time allows you to receive your finished prints in no time. We offer incredibly fast turnaround times, meaning you don’t have to wait weeks, instead you have your prints within a few days! This quick delivery time means that clients can receive their prints in no time, allowing them to hang and enjoy their beautiful creations now rather than later. Additionally, we offer delivery services UK wide, so no matter where in the UK you are - you can confidently get prints shipped to you knowing they will arrive safely and on-time.

What if I need advice on panoramic printing?

Affordable pricing

Professional panoramic printing is also quite cost-effective, whether you choose custom framing or poster art or canvas as your decorating method. You can get prints for an affordable price, giving you the opportunity to save money while still displaying your pictures in their full glory. In addition, we are highly experienced and offer a wide range of finishing options that gives you more control over how your photos look after they have been printed. This provides more options than just buying ready-made frames.

Expert advice

Our panoramic printing experts will help you get the best panoramic print possible. Please contact us, we can offer valuable expertise when it comes to selecting the right finishing options for your project. With years of experience in the photo printing industry, we can advise on what materials are best suited while ensuring a high-quality result. This expert advice can help you bring out the best in your photos by using the ideal paper finish, frames, and mounting solutions for a look that will stand the test of time.
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