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A compelling photo frame dramatically accentuates the effect of your visual content. It's not just about placing an image within borders; it's about choosing the right frame to amplify your message, invoke emotion, and guide your audience's focus. The first step in photo framing is understanding your main subject. Whether it's a product, person, or scenery, this is what you want your audience to focus on. The frame should draw attention towards this subject and not distract from it.

The importance of colour

Consider the context or surrounding scenery in your photo and the psychology of colour in your frame. Different colours can evoke different emotions and reactions. Warm colours can instil excitement and optimism, while cool colours may convey calmness or melancholy. Remember, photo framing is all about making your visual content more engaging, emotive, and memorable. Experiment, test a few as you preview the result, and refine to find the perfect frame for your photos.

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