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Photos to posters FAQ

Our poster prints turn memories into wall art

Turn your favourite photos to posters! Memories can be turned into beautiful wall art. Whether humorous, romantic or simply a happy occasion - Poster printing from your personal photography can make excellent birthday presents, anniversary gifts, christmas presents or just simply a memory to share. Its imple to have your poster sent directly to a friend or relative as a gift.

As easy as ABC

A.  Choose a photo from laptop, tablet or phone
B.  Select Size & Paper Type
C.  Checkout!

Poster Prints in High Quality

Superfine printing quality

We print using Epson K3 UltraChrome pigment printing inks, providing up to 75 years colour fastness. All poster printing is done at superfine high resolution ensuring stunning quality and detail, whether from our wildlife prints collection, your own digital photo or specially created artwork. Three types of paper are available - glossy, semi-gloss or matte photo poster paper. With the simplicity of todays digital camera technology, virtually any photo can become beautiful wall art.

Uploading photos

We can print from jpg, jpeg, tif or tiff files, our high resolution printing ensures that your digital photograph will become high quality large format wall art.

Files up to 200Mb should easily be uploaded through the website, however if you are having any difficulty, please email us attaching the file. We are normally able to print from jpg, jpeg, tif or tiff files from your camera, iPhone, smartphone, tablet or pc.

Paper Types

Premium Glossy Photo Paper

Our high quality premium glossy photo paper provides a beautiful, vibrant, high gloss poster.

Premium Matte Photo Paper

For those prefering a matt finish, our enhanced matt photo paper delivers a crisp result with high resolution. Matte can be used for posters that are intended for framing behind glass or perspex.

Premium Semi-gloss Photo Paper

(also known as lustre)

Our semi-gloss photo paper has been carefully selected to provide a smooth, clear photographic image whilst minimising reflectivity. Semi-gloss paper has versatility which enables it to be used for wall posters or for prints intended for framing behind glass/perspex. Semi-gloss paper is also sometimes referred to as a Lustre finish.

Why print photos as wallpaper posters?

Enhance colours, textures, and details

Whether displayed in a gallery, office, or home, these prints create a visual anchor that sparks conversation and captivates the imagination. By printing your images bigger, you can convey a sense of grandeur, making landscapes appear vast and majestic, or subjects appear larger than life. This elevation of scale adds drama and impact to your photography, transporting viewers into the scene and allowing them to experience the emotions and sensations you captured in the moment.

Create a 'wow' factor

You can also experiment with various styles to further enhance the wow factor of your large photo prints. For example, you can opt for a panoramic print, which allows you to capture wide landscapes in all their glory. This format not only showcases the vastness of the scenery but also immerses viewers in the scene, making them feel like they are standing right there alongside you. Unleash the full creative potential of your photo prints, be inspired and take your photography to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on your friends and family.

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