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Guide to canvas prints

How to create perfect photos onto canvas?

Exquisite décor from special pictures

Spruce up your walls with beautiful canvas photo prints! Learn step-by-step how to create the perfect canvas print in this guide. Turn your favourite photographs into breath-taking pieces of art with photos onto canvas. Read on to dive deep into the world of canvas printing and find out which option works best for you! Learn how to make a statement with your home's décor by creating canvas prints from any picture! Bring your favourite memories to life with beautiful canvas photo prints! This article will show you how to create stunning canvases, step-by-step. From the perfect image to find and preparing it for printing, to safely hanging your new pieces so they look amazing in any room of your home.

Memories create magical wall art

Photos onto canvas are a great way to take any special moment and make it into a beautiful piece of art. Whether you're looking to decorate your home or give a unique gift, canvas photo printing will help bring your amazing photos to life. Explore these guidelines to learn all about the different types of canvas prints available, what sizes and framing style works best, and how you can get started with canvas printing today! Transform your enchanting photos into beautiful works of art with canvas photo prints. From wedding portraits to holiday memories, learn how easy it is to let your creativity shine with this decorative form of wall art.

What are canvas photo prints?

From digital to physical

Canvas prints are physical copies of your digital photographs, printed on high-quality canvas material with a natural textured matte finish. Canvas printing offers deep saturation with vibrant colours and sharp details that will last through time. Plus, canvas prints can be customised to fit in any sized area, allowing you to display your picture in unique ways and create one-of-a kind pieces of art. Our vast range of sizes in a range of styles allows you an amazing ability to fit just about any space of style of wall. Canvas prints have many benefits that make them ideal for displaying images or photos. For starters, canvas prints are incredibly durable and long-lasting, making them perfect for any office or living space. They offer great definition, providing a high level of detail and clarity when viewed from up close. Our deep gallery bars have a 1.5 inch (38mm) thickness, allowing for an elegant look with the material mounting directly onto the frames. We hand stretch and staple your custom printed artwork onto the knot-free wooden frames, ensuring a sleek, high quality finish.

Choose a good photo

The first step to creating a stunning canvas print is selecting the right image. Start by perusing your computer, phone, camera ....the quality of your canvas photo print will depend in part on the photo you choose. Pick one that has sharp details and vibrant colours, as they will be key elements in your finished piece. For canvas printing, select a photo with beautiful colours that will work nicely in one piece – too many faces or objects will look busy and cluttered. Also, try to be aware when making your choice that better quality images print with clarity and vividness. However, there is no need to worry - we always check your picture carefully before proceeding and will contact you if we feel that your resolution is not sufficient for the size ordered. And most importantly of all, contemplate carefully when your are selecting an image for your canvas print. Our prints offer both quality and longevity, so make sure to find something that will remain meaningful for years to come!

What are the style options for a canvas photo print?

Matching the style of your photo and space

Once you have chosen your photo, it’s time to upload your image and choose the correct print style. Make sure that choose a print style that suits both your photo and enhances the area of your home where you plan to display it. We offer a variety of shapes, from stylish squares to digital sizes perfectly suited to your captured photography, to a selection of panoramic sizes intended to display those magical panoramas taken on beautiful weekend walks. There's no point choosing a square peg to fit a round hole! Simply select through each of the different aspect ratios until you are happy with the preview of how your photo looks on the canvas. We offer four canvas product styles each one designed with your photography and décor in mind. When you've finally decided on your perfect style - it’s time to select the size of your canvas print. Canvas prints come in all sizes, from standard small-scale sizes such as 12 x 12 inches to large-scale sizes like 30 x 40 inches. Perhaps take a moment to measure your wall space before choosing.

Canvas framing options

Once you have selected your size, you need to pick a frame type. For canvas prints, there are three main frame options – gallery wrap, mirrored edge, or plain canvas sides, depending on the look you desire. This selection will depend on the look you want to achieve. Each framing style offers a different level of depth that can change the overall appearance of your final product. Photo wrapped canvas creates a modern, sleek look. The image is printed on high quality, heavy canvas and is carefully wrapped around the edges of the stretcher bars, making a seamless image. Alternatively mirrored images are just that, the photo is reflected over the edges ensuring that the entire image is printed on the front of the frame whilst retaining the character of the picture on the sides by reflecting it over the edge. Plain canvas offers you a more traditional look where your photo is framed with a solid white. This style generally looks best when paired with art or illustrator style images as well as digital compositions. It also works well when printing portrait photos, ensuring the viewers focus is drawn to the person in the picture.

What are important elements for canvas quality?

High quality material

The material used to create your canvas and the stretcher bars that hold it in place will have a direct impact on the overall aesthetic of your print. We use high quality thick canvas. The material we use is a textured cotton poly-blend for the best colour and detail, providing greater colour vibrancy and deep depths in shadows. High quality, thick canvas provides a perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility which prevents bending or folding of your art and is essential for your canvas prints to last for years. Our premium quality canvas will ensure that your canvas print will look just as amazing 10 years from now as it does today.

Stretcher bars

The frame is a moulding attached to the back of the print which provides substantial rigidity and structure around the sides. We use real wood and we don't skimp on this important structural element. Our framing bars are knot-free and crafted from ethically sourced redwood pine. Wood is our perfect choice due to its lightweight properties whilst still being sturdy enough to maintain a high-quality look. To complete your handcrafted look we add wood bracings, installed by hand. These is a small piece of wood on either side of the stretcher bar ensuring a nice tight bond and extra longevity, they can be adjusted to retain the tightness of the canvas should the natural cotton stretch over time.

How to hang canvas art?

After your canvas print is complete and delivered, it’s time to hang it up on your wall. Our canvas photo prints come complete with hanging attachment on the rear of the frame and instructions on how to utilise our specially designed hanging device. We endeavour to make it as easy as possible for you to hang your artwork level and secure. First start by determining what type of wall you have, plaster, stonework, or brick? Make sure you have all the gear you need; a cordless drill, screws, wall plugs (if suitable), a hammer and ideally a level.

Position the artwork in the chosen location and use a spirit level to ensure it hangs evenly, our hanging device makes it easy to gently adjust the horizontal and vertical level. You may want to add a few millimetres of extra space between the wall and the artwork at the top so any dust or debris can easily fall behind instead of settling on your artwork. Tape where you want to mark nails or screws and either use a screwdriver or drill for larger frames. Then simply place your new décor on your installed screws or nails to secure the artwork.

We hope you are thrilled with your newly created picture on the wall!

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