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Canvas photo prints FAQ

Photos onto canvas - about our printing and framing

Canvas printing from a favourite photo! High quality photos on canvas, beautifully mounted onto deep gallery box wooden frames. A personal photo can become a wonderful and unique gift. Your work of art will arrive ready to hang and enhance your wall, creating a stunning focal point for any room. Birthday presents, anniversary gifts, christmas presents or just simply a photo to share. Perhaps a romantic memory of an anniversary trip, or a child's graduation - your personal photos can be turned into beautiful canvas wall art. Your print can be created in a variety of sizes including panoramic canvas prints, standard canvas photo prints and square photo prints on canvas. All beautifully printed onto our specially selected subtly textured canvas.

We specialise in a range of panoramic canvas print sizes for your personal panoramas. Beautiful landscapes? Happy picture memories from romantic evenings? Your photography can be transformed into an amazing panoramic canvas print to hang on your wall - create a stunning focal point to your room. Todays digital canvas print technology is capable of creating large canvas pictures in high resolution. Iphones, tablets and cameras take high quality pictures, allowing you to create unique wall art for yourself or as special gifts. Please see our selection of sizes to create your photo on canvas print, although we are happy to create a bespoke size if required. If your image requires adjustments such as red eye removal or other details, please email us with your order number.

Canvas Printing in High Quality

Our canvas prints are produced on carefully selected, subtly textured canvas. Superb quality, vibrant colours - canvas prints atttractively mounted on gallery box pinewood frames from managed woodland. High Resolution - printing is done at superfine high resolution ensuring stunning quality and detail, whether from our photography collection or your own digital photo. Epson K3 UltraChrome inks - we use Epson K3 UltraChrome pigment printing inks, providing up to 75 years colour fastness and have the added advantage of water resistance when used with our canvas. This means that our canvas prints do not require an additional coating which tends to distort the final colour output and reduce the vibrancy of prints.

Traditional Canvas

High quality cotton/polyester canvas, woven to produce a subtly textured finish. Our traditional canvas has been carefully selected to provide an excellent colour result whilst still providing a vibrant print finish. The cotton content of the material ensures natural texture and longevity whilst the polyester content enhances colour reproduction, giving a vibrant result.

Print photos onto canvas - beautifully framed and ready to hang!

Canvas Framing Styles

All of our canvas prints are hand framed using deep gallery box (38mm depth) pinewood frames which have been environmentally ethically produced from European suppliers, using quality wood from managed woodland.

The high structural integrity of our wooden bars means that cross bars are not required, even on our largest sizes.

Our canvas is carefully stretched and stapled (not glued) with the canvas wrapping over the side of the frame. Wedges are then placed into the corners of the inside frame. Should the natural cotton of the canvas stretch over time, these can be adjusted to re-tension the canvas artwork. Your canvas prints will arrive ready to hang, complete with hook attachment on the centre back of the frame.

Mirror photo onto frame sides

Our most popular method of canvas framing. An attractive method of framing when you wish to retain all the elements of your photographic composition on the front of the canvas frame. Your photo is printed on the front of the canvas and then mirrored over the edges.

This creates a continuous blend of colour over the sides of the frame whilst retaining the entire composition of your image on the front of the framed print. Especially suited to panoramic canvas prints.

Mirror canvas

Wrap photo over frame sides

Suitable if there are areas of your image that you are happy to have wrapped over the side of the frame. Your photo is printed on the entire canvas. The printed canvas is then placed on the front of the frame and wrapped over the edges.

This gives the effect of the image continuing over the sides of the frame giving a continuous blend. This style is often suited to canvas photo prints from pictures that have areas around the edge of the composition that are not the main focus of the photo.

Wrap canvas

Natural canvas on frame sides

Sometimes the main elements of a composition are very close to the edge of the photo. In this event, it is preferable not to lose any of the image over the sides of the frame. To achieve this result, the photo is printed only on the front area of the canvas.

The print is then placed over the frame with the entire photo on the front and the sides left as plain white canvas. This style is often suited to the modern simplicity of square canvas prints.

Plain canvas

Supercharge your décor

Explore creative possibilities

In a world filled with countless visual stimuli, it's crucial to elevate your photography to stand out. Canvas photo prints have the power to transform your images from mere snapshots into captivating works of art. Throughout this article, we've explored how these prints enhance colours, textures, and details, create immersive viewing experiences, make bold statements through size, and unleash boundless creative possibilities.

Create personal visual stimuli

With each enhanced colour, every intricate detail, and every immersive viewing experience, your photographs become a force to be reckoned with. They command attention, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on them. But it doesn't stop there. Unleashing the WOW factor in your photography is an invitation to take your artistry to new heights, continuously pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

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