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Yellowmargin Triggerfish in the shallows of a sandy lagoon

Yellowmargin Triggerfish in the shallows of a sandy lagoon
Photo posters, canvas prints of Triggerfish Pictures. Yellowmargin Triggerfish swimming over the ultra fine sands in the shallows of a tropical lagoon. Yellowmargin Triggerfish prefer shallows with fine or silty sand where they are often busy turning over rocks, turning over shells and stirring up the sand.

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Individually crafted - we take pride in our unique collection of underwater photography. Our high quality photo prints featuring pictures of tropical fish are printed individually to order.

Boomerang Triggerfish, its colours perfectly blending with the much coral textures and colour as it timidly attempts blend into the reef. Triggerfish derive their name from their dorsal spine which can be locked into an raised position by an additional, smaller dorsal spine. The raised spine is released by depressing the smaller (trigger) spine. The more aggressive Triggerfish use their raised spine as a warning for fish or other creatures invading their territory. Also, very cleverly, they use their spine to lock themselves into coral crevasses.

Yellowmargin Triggerfish Facts
Other names: Pineapple Trigger, Yellowface Triggerfish
Scientific name: Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus
Family: Balistidae (Triggerfishes)
Max. size: 60 cm
Diet: Coral branches, gastropods, crustaceans, tunicates, sea urchins
Habitat: Coastal reefs, inner reefs, laggon slopes, lagoon floors, estuaries
Depth: 2 - 50 metres
Distribution: Indo-Pacific: Red Sea south to Natal, South Africa and east through Indonesia to the Tuamoto Islands, north to southern Japan.

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Stunning, high quality canvas prints on lightly textured poly/cotton canvas. Our prints are hand framed using gallery style (38mm deep) redwood pine bars. They are shipped ready to hang, complete with wall hanger.

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Photo Posters

High resolution prints with vibrant colours and fade resistant ink technology. Our posters are printed on premium quality photo poster paper.

Despatched next working day.

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